Friday, August 24, 2012

Days away from the move back to NYC!

Well after an incredibly exhausting and draining month of organizing, packing and storing not only all the stuff in my 1200sf loft but more than 30 years of stuff in my folk's house (they will be selling their house this year as well) I am about 98% ready to drive to NYC for the start of the semester. 

Last night after feeling like I was about to collapse I drove up to Maine to spend a couple of days just relaxing and floating in the lake, to rest my body and mind and to re-energize for next week's move.

I'll be heading out of Maine Monday, then leaving for NYC from Boston on Wednesday or Thursday after one last organizational push to get as much crammed into my 4Runner as possible. Whatever doesn't fit in, or on the truck will go into storage, though my storage unit is about maxed out at this point as well.
Then I'm off.

Once I get to the city and settled in I'll be posting a more complete blog with info on my schedule for the semester, and some images of the city and the Academy.

I received my class schedule for the semester and am thrilled with the instructors I've gotten. It'll be an amazing, and as I've been told, intense and non-stop semester. 

Hope all your summers go well, and I'll hope to hear from you all soon via phone, email, Facebook, Twitter or even an old fashioned paper letter. I'll send out my physical address from the city.

In the meantime, below are a couple of photos from the packing chaos of this month. It hurts my back just to see them on screen again!

A presto,


Packing up the Boston loft, so many boxes of paintings and frames.

The 10x15 foot storage unit, almost full...ouch.